Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An Open Letter to Kay Hymowitz

Dear Madame,
I wish to write this letter with reference to your recent column, "The child-man," which appeared in the Dallas Morning news on Sunday, January 2th.

I've been a men's rights advocate for just over a year, and I can't believe the continuing weapons-grade ignorance and brazen audacity that seems to accompany most women like yourself. If modern young women are frustrated by the lack of eligible men, then they have only themselves to blame; and what you may find even more troubling is that as a twenty-something University educated male, I have absolutely no sympathy for the plight of women my age. None. And neither do virtually all of my male peers. Your continued cries will continue to fall on increasingly ambivalent and apathetic ears . Your words signal a victory for men.

You see, you forget to give credit where credit is due. Men's rights advocates have for years now been telling men to avoid marriage at all costs. The phenomena that many young women find themselves unpleasantly experiencing when they suddenly realize that snapping their fingers is not enough to garner male attention anymore, is actually part of a concerted effort to achieve the exact result which you now lament; men achieving freedom from female domination. An entire generation of young men have grown up under the specter of misandrist divorce; they watched as "mom" gleefully took "dad" for everything he was worth and then some. Marriage, and the resulting divorce, has been the equivalent of a life sentence for far too many men now, it should come as absolutely no surprise that we've chosen to pursue traditionally masculine endeavors. That it does speaks volumes about the audacity, ignorance and stupidity of modern women. Common sense is not very common in women it seems. But more importantly, it overwhelmingly confirms the Men Going Their Own Way philosophy.

Women have consciously chosen to adopt a philosophy which preaches nothing but the destruction of men, and now they are being forced to accept responsibility for their foolish actions. Women have spent the past forty years doing everything they can to destroy the place of good men in western culture. We however, are not so easy to destroy. Would you treat a dangerous serpent as anything but what it is? That madame, is what women have made themselves into with regard to men.

So let this serve as a wake-up call for all the young frustrated women out there. Men will no longer agree to "change" for you.

If men do agree to take women back, and it would be an absolute gift at this point, then it will be on our terms and our terms alone. We will dictate, you will accept, or we will let you rot, and you'll deserve it.

You may think I'm simply a misogynist, and while this may be, you can rest assured that it is female-entitlement culture which has made me into what I am.

And now, I find that I've wasted more than enough time on an ingrate like you. I just bought a copy of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, and playing it seems like a much better use of my time than spending any more time trying to make you understand that if women are unhappy, they have only themselves to blame. This situation was not made by men, it was made by women. The only question is, do they have enough balls to accept the responsibility?


Byrdeye said...

Actually, Kay knows FULL WELL the prime culpability of feminism in all this - but decided to scapegoat it all on young men instead in her mainstream article. Like many women today, she compromised her intellectual integrity for her own female self-agenda. Instead of taking on the feminist megalith and laying the blame where it BELONGS, she decided to frag its hapless VICTIMS instead.

Nothing less than shameful. And she should be CALLED OUT for it.

And she canNOT plead ignorance here! For in another interview with a less-publicized, neocon Zionist site (see bottom half of my post here), she actually candidly acknowledges the primary feminist role in this!

But under the bright lights on the BIG stage...she pulls a quick bait-and-switch to hide the real truth and protect the guilty.

MarkyMark said...

Ka-ka-kaboom! Timber Wolf NAILS it!! I might run this on my blog; this is good stuff...

sarah said...

trying to make a right out of two wrongs? taking an eye for an eye?

Ain't nothing wrong with respectful and considerate relationships that leads to marriage or lifelong romance.

It's not the people. It's individuals. Like yourself. You both are ruining things for men and women.

I don't know this woman, and I'm certainly not a feminist. but what you wrote about yourself, gave me the impression of a bitter, proud, egoist.

good for you if you want to live alone in a segregated community of righteous men. you can preach to the choir all your life.

hateful people hating hateful people. lovely world.

university educated don't mean shit as far as "good people" go. Hell you don't need to be university educated to be a smart man. And you can have all the degrees in the world and still not be able to see past the tip of your nose.

you should reconsider your definition of intelligence. You're not demonstrating any.

ignorant. just as ignorant as the women you chastise.

sarah said...

by the by,

Kay's article was off-track.
Instead of accusing men, she should have accused the entire generation.

in fact, my generation.
It isn't child-men, it's all the child-people.

young women like young men are living this life Kay describes.

And if we come off as adolescent, she comes off as the frumpy out-of-touch grandparent mumbling "kids today" from the front porch.

The discussion about the way each generation lives involves more than a silly article about "putting off adult duties", and in fact involves generations prior, hers included. We are not a seperate entity that suddenly sprang into existance, we are your children, and your children's children.

why attack us as though we are entirely responsible for society today. everybody living is included.

and there is a good many people of my generation doing wonderful things.

a person lost touch with the world and started writing articles about it.