Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Doctor killed his wife through local anesthetic?

Making headlines this week is the story that Toronto doctor killed his wife, who had just won the lottery.

NEWMARKET -- A prominent Thornhill gynecologist told police he could have killed his wife and former $5-million lottery winner in ways that could never be detected, a jury heard yesterday.

"If I was serious about murdering my wife, there are, uh, uh, (ways) I could have taken," Dr. Joseph Roncaioli told Det. Richard McVeity in an taped interview played at his trial.

In the videotaped statement taken fours years ago, Roncaioli, 72, then pinpointed a deadly but undetectable spot on the detective's neck.

"I can kill you in two seconds," Roncaioli said, tapping on the position where he'd insert an ice pick. "I'm not stupid.

"What do you do when you have a general anesthetic? You put people to death and then you bring them back to life ... there are ways ... to kill my wife and I could have done it in very different ways that are non-detectable."

Roncaioli continued that, "there's an old saying in medicine: Shit happens and that's what happened."

The doctor was charged with manslaughter after giving the statement -- six months after his wife, Ibi, 67, died on July 20, 2003. He has pleaded not guilty.

Roncaioli explained that on that day he twice administered local anesthetics to his wife -- once in the morning and again in the afternoon -- to draw blood samples to diagnose her illness.

He said her health had been suffering for six months.

Crown attorney Martin Dionne alleges Roncaioli killed his wife with a lethal cocktail of two local anesthetics -- Lidocaine and Bupiucaine -- and failed to call 911.

"I didn't think a little anesthetic was going to kill somebody," Roncaioli told McVeity.

"My intentions were honourable, but the result was disastrous and it was unintentional." Source

Somethings fishy about this one. General anesthetic to draw blood? At least he's getting a fair trial. Of course, the headline reads, "MD: 'I can kill you in two seconds.'" Looks like the misandrist media has already decided his guilt.

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