Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"I'm not happy in jail, let me go!" - says girl who killed her mother

February 20, 2008
Mom killer seeks break

One of the "Bathtub Girls" now wants to towel off.

Found guilty in June 2006 along with her younger sister of drowning their alcoholic mother in a bathtub on Jan. 18, 2003, the now 21-year-old, who was 16 at the time, is asking to be freed from a federal women's prison in Kitchener into a Brampton halfway house.

She was in a Brampton courtroom yesterday for an annual review of her sentence under Section 94 of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

She and her sister, who hid their involvement in the crime for more than a year before police made the arrests, have served just two years of their 10-year sentences, the maximum allowed for youths convicted of first-degree murder.


Both inmates at the Grand Valley Institution, the two have had no face-to-face communication during their incarceration. They are supposed to serve six years of their sentence in prison and the remaining four under conditional supervision in the community.

According to Crown attorney Michael Cantlon, the judge can either confirm the original sentence or release her from custody and place her under conditional supervision.

Justice Bruce Duncan, who heard the case yesterday, is expected to issue his ruling on April 22.

The two girls were the first two siblings to be convicted of matricide in Canada. Their identities cannot be revealed because they were young offenders when they drugged
and drowned their mother and made it look like an accident in Mississauga. (Source)

Am I the only one who realizes that the only reason that the parole board is entertaining this absurd request is that the criminal is female?


Anti Misandry said...

If this girl wants to be set free, she should have committed her crime in England, where our 'equality minister' (Harriet Harman) is seeking to convert ALL women's prisons into men's prisons, and let female criminals walk the streets freely.

I_am_dust said...

You do realize that men have the upper hand in law for the most part, right? Being as most layers, judges and such are men.
And I am sure that they do what they do freely without any real pushing or influence from females. And I bet the final decision is probably going to be made by men too.
Even though I fully agree this girl needs to realize the consequences of her actions and should not have any right to get out of jail for MURDERING her mother; I don't think that its her fault that she is possibly getting this option... After all, you can want something all you wish (like this girl wants out of jail) but it doesn't always mean that your going to get it. Somebody else has to give her that choice. Weather it be men or women. Or both.
Nor do I blame the female gender for this...(Except the women directly involved in the decision making process equally with any men in the decision making process)
I am not saying I blame the male race either, by the way.
All I am really trying to say is that yes, it probably could very well be because she is a female; but I am sure that there are plenty of men fighting on this girls side.
I don't like or agree with it either to tell you the truth. And as a woman that wants positive change, I am trying to fight that kind of mindset that all girls are precious and helpless... Because that's just bullshit.
But think about this... Who tried to keep woman precious and helpless? And who writes/wrote the laws? Men mostly.