Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Feminism as a cult evidence: Ignoring or ruthlessly crushing any theory that doesn't conofm

Continuing my penchant for long tittles, I've more evidence to present to support my thesis that feminism is closer to a religious cult than a rational political movement.

In this case we consider what feminists categorically reject any theory, or idea about rape which does not conform exactly with their very narrow definition. This is of course, in spite of any and all evidence which suggests that the conventional wisdom found in feminist theory is anything but.

In my last meditation on MGTOW, I uncovered research which strongly suggests that rape victims themselves see rape as a crime with varying degrees of severity based on whether or not the rapist was known to them, and whether or not the rapist inflicted substantial injury in the perpetration of the crime. I then went on to theorize that since most rapes are committed by someone the woman knows, and since few rapes are reported that it was relatively unlikely that a male rapist who knows his victim would be unlikely to inflict physical harm, and this would in turn reduce the likelihood that the rape would be reported. Therefore, awareness campaigns which do not address the fact that women do not always see rape in the same terms are unlikely to be effective. Therefore, the current feminist consideration of rape is inadequate to addressing the issue.

For evidence, I submit the feminist reaction to comments made by British politician John Redwood. In his comments Redwood openly stated that rape between intimates should be considered a "lover's quarrel." While it could be said that Redwood is effectively trivializing the issue, the weight of the evidence clearly shows that Redwood's comments are not without merit; non-violent date rapes do seem to take on different properties in the mind of the victim than in cases of violent stranger rape. Redwood certainly implies that current feminist-dominated thinking is not adequate; that some reconsideration is needed if the problem is to be solved.

As Richard Dawkins would happily point out, any true scientific approach to the issue would consider the new data and see how it fits with the hypothesis. If it does not fit, then it is the hypothesis, not the data which must change. I happen to agree with this empirical, scientific approach. Furthermore, I don't believe that this approach can be effectively called into question; it is by this method that the human race all agrees that it knows what it knows.

Therefore, if feminists are indeed a rational political movement, comments of this nature supported by evidence would result in consideration by feminists. If feminists are however, as I suspect closer to a religious cult, the data would be considered offensive, blasphemous, and therefore ridiculed, ignored, or suppressed.

Which do you think it was?

As if there was any doubt that the latter would be the result! Yes, see this article on Instead of considering what the man said, the women and men reading the article quickly brand him a "rape apologist," and categorically reject his comments as false. The feminist mind is unable to consider alternatives to accepted dogma, rather his comments only add to feminist paranoia.

The conclusion is inescapable. The categorical rejection of all reason and rationality has more in common with a group of religious fanatics than it does with a group of rational people. Feminists are therefore not rational. Feminism therefore deserves to be treated not as a political movement, but as a cult. Let feminism compete with the rest of the religions for the hearts and minds of followers, but its doctrine has no place influencing politics.


Anonymous said...

Feminism is well known to be a cult. Professing Feminism: Cautionary Tales From the Strange World of Women's Studies by Patia and Koerge shows how this cult is created. As for rape here are five feminist falsehoods that Timber Wolf might want take on:

1) We live in a "rape culture" where men rape women for "patriarchal" control. In the Female Thing (2006), (female-male rape apologist) Laura Kipnis does us all a favor by showing how false that statement is. Men rape more men in the US than they rape women. And women rape men and women rape women too. So much for the so-called "rape culture". The big taboo here is female sex offenders so I suggest you start there.

2) "Rape is a crime about power but not about sex" This stupid and false idea has been repeated so long that most people believe it. For any doubt about what SEXUAL aggression is about just listen to what FEMALE sexual predators have to say about THEIR MOTIVATIONS in the feature film Heading South.

3) Male-female rape is seen as a 'penetrative' sexual violence but female-male 'envelopative' rape is merely seen as "romance" or "education". Go figure. Google Female Sex Offenders Double Standards for more on this.

TimberWolf said...

Thanks for the comment. I agree. I'll have to pick up the book, I've head the title before but haven't got around to it yet.