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ACLAF Archives - Feminists are completely irrational

Another oldie, but a goodie

rational - adjective
1. agreeable to reason; reasonable; sensible: a rational plan for economic development.
2. having or exercising reason, sound judgment, or good sense: a calm and rational negotiator.
3. being in or characterized by full possession of one's reason; sane; lucid: The patient appeared perfectly rational.
4. endowed with the faculty of reason: rational beings.
5. of, pertaining to, or constituting reasoning powers: the rational faculty.

reason - verb

8. to think or argue in a logical manner.
9. to form conclusions, judgments, or inferences from facts or premises.
10. to urge reasons which should determine belief or action.
11. to think through logically, as a problem (often fol. by out).
12. to conclude or infer.
13. to convince, persuade, etc., by reasoning.
14. to support with reasons.

irrational - adjective

1. without the faculty of reason; deprived of reason.
2. without or deprived of normal mental clarity or sound judgment.
3. not in accordance with reason; utterly illogical: irrational arguments.
4. not endowed with the faculty of reason: irrational animals.

logic - noun

1. the science that investigates the principles governing correct or reliable inference.
2. a particular method of reasoning or argumentation: We were unable to follow his logic.
3. the system or principles of reasoning applicable to any branch of knowledge or study.
4. reason or sound judgment, as in utterances or actions: There wasn't much logic in her move.
5. convincing forcefulness; inexorable truth or persuasiveness: the irresistible logic of the facts.

fear - noun

1. a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.
2. a specific instance of or propensity for such a feeling: an abnormal fear of heights.
3. concern or anxiety; solicitude: a fear for someone's safety.

contradict - verb

1. to assert the contrary or opposite of; deny directly and categorically.
2. to speak contrary to the assertions of: to contradict oneself.
3. (of an action or event) to imply a denial of: His way of life contradicts his stated principles.
4. Obsolete. to speak or declare against; oppose.

Too much for feminists? Yeah probably.

The more you talk to any given feminist, the more and more they will eventually present an
entirely irrational and contradictory argument, yet they will automatically expect you to
support their position. If you call them on it, they will accuse you of simply "not getting
it," in spite of any attempt at intellectual honesty that you make. Therefore, anyone who is
willing to lable themselves a feminist, is over-emotional and therefore, irrational.

A feminist argument is normally nothing more than an appeal to a person's sense of compassion,
and so will often be characterized by wild distortions, embellishment, and blatant disregard
for both logic and reality. The goal is of course to provoke an emotional reaction in the
target of the argument in order to gain sympathy and agreement without encouraging the target
to give any rational, or reasonable thought to the agrument. For the feminist, being emotion
is more important that being logical, or rational. For the feminist, emotion rules while
reason is relegated to justifying the emotion, and is unconcerned with reality.

Most people however do not subscribe to this view, but will channel emotion through the lense
of logic and reason. Often, powerful emotions can be rationalized as appropriate in a given
situation. If a person's dog has just been killed, it is deemed appropriate for that person
to experience intense saddness accompanied by a feeling of loss. The saddness the person feels
is entirely appropriate and need not be justified.

So when that person cries over the loss of a pet, society reinforces this appropriate and
healthy response with comfort and sympathy. Expressing the emotion is necessary for the
healing process to take place.

Emotion however, is ussually not this simple, or even rational at all. If the person in the
example expressed their sadness, and possible anger by violently assaulting someone, this
would be clearly inappropriate, and despite their still very legitimate emotion, this person
has comitted a crime. A defense on the basis of emotion may be considered a mitigating
circumstance, but this should not result in sparing the offender from making restitution.
It would be more appropriate, and not illegal for the person to channel their anger through
the lense of reason, and express that anger in a positivist fasion, perhaps by attacking a
punching bag. Reason therefore, should rule the way an emotion is channeled.

Collectively, we tend to call this positive channeling of emotion rational, or reasonable
behaviour. The person may want to attack someone, but they do not. Doing so would be wrong.
The opposite, the negative channgeling of emotion, then attempting to use logic to justify
the damage done, is called irrational or unreasonable behaviour.

Feminist arguments are by their nature, irrational and unreasonable. A feminist argument is
based on what the feminist feels, while they try to find reasons to justify their feeling.
This method of argument is not necessarily better or worse than any other.

But when it comes to the feminist, even if no reason or logic can be found to justify the
argument, the argument is not changed, or disregarded, when logic would indicate that it
should be. Rather, the argument is instead amplified, and repeated as often as possible.

Any challenge to the argument is met with ridicule, accusations of ignorance, and accusations
of misogyny. No appropriate response to the challenge is ever offered, instead it is either
insinuated, or plainly stated that the challenger simply cannot possibly understand the
argument. Instead of the arugment being deficient, something is wrong with the challenger.
To the feminist, either the challenger must accept the argument as true at face value,
or ignored. The person must be changed, and not the assertion.

This approach is completely irrespective of reality. Even in the face of all contradictory
fact, the argument will not be changed, under any circumstances.

The result therefore, is that all feminists have chosen to live in a world of fantasy,
illusion, and normally perpetual and irrational paranoia brought on by the assertions of
a few radical misandrists.

It would seem clear, that it is irrational to allow the actions of a few men to produce
fear of all men, when it is clear that not all men are a threat. It is more irrational,
to allow that fear to affect a person to such a degree that all men are viewed with
suspicion, and terror. It is even more irrational to allow this absurd fear to affect a
person's behaviour, yet it very clearly does. A few women feel unsafe, despite evidence
which demonstrates that they are now more safe than they ever have been, and when presented
with evidence, the fear is not re-evaluated, it must be the evidence that is mistaken.

Such a state of mind, is likely to lead to dellusions, and psychosis, ultimately resulting
in a condition called, in polite circles at least, paranoid schizophrenia.

In other circles, a person suffering from such a condition is called a lunatic. In others,
it's called being STARK RAVING MAD! Full-blown batshit wacko-insane!

Since all feminists, without variation, knowingly practice this behaviour, and do their best
to impose it on themselves and on other women without prejudice, there can be only one


Feminists therefore don't need our scorn, they need someone to take them to the nearest
mental hospitals where they can be protected from society, and their disease can be treated
by a team of trained medical professionals!

Feminists! I understand now, and I'm really very sorry, I'd like to offer you an apology for
acting inappropriately. I made the mistake of assuming that you were in posession of all
your mental faculties, and I truly had no idea that you were ill and in need of professional

I'd therefore like to ask my fellow MRAs to treat feminists with a degree of sympathy. These
poor unfortunate creatures don't really hate men, they're just crazy. They really can't help
their insanity, and we should take it upon ourselves to help these creatures by directing
them to seek the proper medical attention.












Luke Skywalker said...

Ok, now can you post the one that said:

"If a person cannot act responsibly about alcohol, then that person is not an adult. That person is a child, and should be treated as such.

That means that that person is not mature enough to drive, not mature enough to vote, and most damning, not mature enough to consent to sexual intercourse.

You want us to prosecute? Fine, we'll prosecute. Now hand over your driver's license and put on this chastity belt."

TimberWolf said...

Unfortunately that post is MIA. If you have a cached version, feel free to send it my way.