Friday, November 30, 2007

Meditations on MGTOW: Why it is impossible to have a rational discussion with feminist

As many in the MRM have noticed, it is absolutely impossible to have a rational discussion with a feminist. Attempting to do so normally ranges somewhere between the intellectual equivalent of trying to eat with one's feet. While there are a few with the flexibility, and dexterity to make this feasible, most of us just end up frustrated, and angry for ever having attempted something so foolish in the first place.

And why not? Feminism is a cult of brainwashed fanatics that would put even the wildest dreams of L. Ron Hubbard (better known as the founder of the scam called Scientology) to shame!

For instance, the Wizards of the Coast Dungeons and Dragons forums recently featured a thread called, "What is Wrong With Being a Feminist D&D Gamer?" And this discussion has at the time of this writing filled fourteen pages of forum posts! And worst of all, this is only one of several threads discussing these sorts of gender issues! Isn't it a little disturbing that feminism is so important to some people's identities, that they simply cannot divorce it from a hobby which is primarily escapist and fantastic in nature? Rather than simply enjoy the game, these feminist gamers actually use the fantasy to explore feminist ideas, completely forgetting that the whole point of the exercise is to escape from reality! Actually, given what can laughingly be termed feminist reality, it's rather easy to see how feminists cannot separate the real world from fantasy; for feminists they are one in the same. But I digress.

This extends across all aspects of society; feminists neophytes consciously make the decision to view absolutely everything through a feminist lens, something which no rational organization, or political ideology endorses. Feminists actually become slaves to feminism, unable to be at all objective; feminists turn every issue into a feminist issue, whether related or not. It must be a very difficult task to find sexism in everything, but then again, there are legions of idealistic women feminists happily prepared to do just that.

I wish I was making this up.

And we're barely scratching the surface! Did you know that according to feminist theory women are incapable of being sexist? It's true! The feminist argument states that sexism cannot be separated from power, and since women don't have power, women cannot be sexist! Feminists concede that women can be prejudiced, but cannot be sexist, since sexism only exists when one is prejudice and uses power to oppress someone.

As far as men are concerned, even if we accepted this definition of sexism (which we do not!), we cannot help but point the fact that women in western society effectively have nearly unlimited power over any man who comes into their line of site; we can instantly point to the fact that women can ruin nearly any man's life, simply by making an accusation of sexual assault. Women gain even more power by entering into a relationship with a man, and for many the temptation to abuse their power is too much to resist.

For these reasons, the feminist premise behind sexism; that women do not have power over men, and therefore cannot be sexist, is utterly without value. Women clearly have power over men, and therefore are entirely capable of sexism. This idea however is willfully ignored by feminists, despite any and all evidence to the contrary.

The conclusion is therefore inescapable: that feminism has much more in common with a quasi-religious institution, where the acolyte lives and breathes dogma every nanosecond of the day, than a political, or academic ideology. This is also incidentally why feminists cannot get along with religious conservatives, and vice versa; they are in effect two competing sets of dogmas, both of which vehemently deny that they are based entirely in pseudo-scholarship, unproven theories, and frequently make what can only be interpreted as ludicrous truth claims. The only difference is that religious conservatism has a few hundred years of "tradition" to give it legitimacy, while feminism is relatively new. Mark my words, the most Holy Church of Dworkin is not far away.

And this gentlemen is why it is so important that we actively take stewardship of the MGTOW philosophy. Men Going Their Own Way is more than just a road-sign, it is a response to feminist domination of all gender-related issues. MGTOW is an assertion of our right to take the discourse away from the irrational, truth destroying feminists, and put it where it back where it belongs, with the truth. We do not dare to fail in this duty, as the logical conclusion to feminism will be to enslave or destroy all men. We can no longer tolerate feminist domination of the issues. We are entitled to live on our own terms, and do not need feminist approval.

That being said however, we are faced with a very difficult dilemma. Since MGTOW informs us that we are entitled to live and act on our own terms, it implicitly states that no member of the MRM really has a position of authority over another, and yet, it is clear that to continue in the our present fashion may only lead to perpetual servitude. We are making progress, yes, but very slowly. Many good men, are unwilling to consider activism since in the present socio-political climate it is so dangerous, and worse, many are themselves already tools to be used by feminists. Our position is precarious, we are faced with either moving too fast, being to radical and therefore being crushed, or by trying to go unnoticed and get nothing done at all. And what's worse, whenever anybody wants to move things in one direction or the other, we tend to turn on each other by standing on MGTOW, "You can't tell me what to do! MGTOW, RAH RAH RAH!"

And so, while this may be a fool's errand, I must propose that we take a more pro-active approach to this unfortunate situation. For too long, we have been reacting, when we should have been developing strategies for dealing with infighting, and combating feminism.

Gentlemen, I propose that it may still be possible for our voices to be heard without resorting to violence. I do not believe that western governments have become so corrupt that they cannot reverse the feminist/banker tide. It will not be easy, I am very hopeful that we can retake the positions of power, and restore a rational dialogue for all concerned. For instance, Ron Paul's (a noted pro-life presidential candidate) candidacy and consequent popularity give me hope that this is possible. But to do so, I believe that we shall have to make sacrifices and to some degree change our image.

Radicals will no doubt propose an isolationist solution. Progressives will no doubt propose an inclusive solution. Gentlemen, I don't know the answer, but I believe that it is essential that we start talking. We need to shift our focus onto finding solutions, not simply keeping an ever expanding chronicle of injustices; this task will never be complete so long as it is all we do!

We need more solutions like the marriage strike! It's working! Of course, it's primarily based on attrition, and not action, but at least it's getting results.

Gentlemen, I believe that the time has come to stop waiting for results, the time has come to create them. So let's create those results! Let's expose feminist injustice! Let's demonstrate misandry! And most of all, let's start developing and testing real strategies, real tactics so that we can take this fight to them!

We didn't start this, but by God, we're going to finish it!

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